fotolia 105678192 menschen TFM Time Critical
Our special service for extremely urgent deliveries worldwide (e.g. aircraft parts, blood serum, human organs, perishables etc.). Every consignment, import or export, is personally handled and monitored end-to-end by a designated member of our staff.

TFM Worldwide
Our worldwide door-to-door courier service without weight or volume limitations. For detailed information please contact the TFM Service Centre.

TFM Domestic
Our inland courier service for deliveries to/from airports Zurich, Basel, and Geneva, Daily departures to anywhere in Switzerland. Next day or same day delivery service. For quotes please contact the TFM Service Centre.

TFM OBC (On-board Courier)
Our special service for extremely urgent and important or valuable shipments. TFM staff members personally accompany these shipments. They ensure their safe transport, smooth customs clearance and on-time delivery to the consignee.

TFM After Sales
TFM specialises in repair and replacement logistics solutions for the high-tech and air transport industry. Our services support clients in providing a fast service to their customers whenever one of their products becomes defective. We offer the possibility of a fast exchange of faulty materials/products. The replacement service time varies from two hours to several days according to the service level agreement. Other industry branches may use this service as well. For further details contact the TFM Service Centre.



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