Total Freight Management Ltd was founded as a niche forwarder by Jean-Claude Rossé at Zurich airport on 31 July 1998. At the outset the company concentrated on airfreight and express services for the high-tech and aeronautic industry. We wanted to be faster, more flexible, and more responsive than the competition. Thus we created our “TFM Time Critical” service – the foundation stone to our success.

Today, Total Freight Management (TFM) offers a comprehensive portfolio of forwarding services from one source. Besides our core business – airfreight, sea freight, land transportation and project cargo services - we are particularly strong in the eCommerce and perishables field.

Based on our experience in the express business we have been able to gain a foothold in the eCommerce world at a very early stage. Since 2013, TFM counts many local and foreign online retailers amongst its customers. According to the Swiss customs statistics we are one of the market leaders in import customs clearance of online purchases.

Since 2015, TFM is also the exclusive representative of EasyFresh, a global network of reefer logistics service providers, in Switzerland. In this market segment we offer reliable, comprehensive, multimodal, temperature controlled logistics solutions for agricultural produce, all types of food products as well as pharmaceutical and biomedical goods.

Since 2003, TFM has been a founder member of the worldwide forwarder network Globalink. We are able to offer a very competitive, truly global and at the same time extensive local service to our customers thanks to the cooperation with our Globalink partners.

A further milestone was reached in 2011 when we became the exclusive representative and global partner of the PFI (Professional Forwarders International) network in Switzerland. It covers 188 countries and embraces 615 offices. This further extended TFM’s worldwide reach for distribution solutions and services.

Right from the beginning TFM has been able to continuously raise turnover, volumes and profits. TFM will continue to concentrate on niche markets and innovative solutions in the future with the aim to sustain growth and profitability.

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